Treat your stomach to Le Pass’ chicken

Treat your stomach to Le Pass’ chickenBefore touring Quang Nam Province, the land of My Son Sanctuary, Hoi An ancient town and stunning beaches and rivers, I was suggested to trek to Le Pass to enjoy the area’s famous chicken dishes.

On the mountain walls on Le Pass, we came across some households earning their living by hunting and collecting firewood. And on the way to the forest, we discovered a chicken dish which is very small but tastes sweet. Like tre chicken in the lowland, Le Pass’ chicken eat jungle trees’ seeds and insects so the maximum weight of each chicken is about one kilogram.

Le Pass’ chicken can be steamed, grilled, fried or made into chicken porridge.

The simplest recipe is boiling chicken, and then using the soup to make porridge with green bean and sticky rice. The chicken meat then can be shredded and mixed with spices and fragrant knotweed.

Chicken cooked in a bain-marie is really good for children, the elderly and women who have just given birth. However, to me, chicken grilled on charcoal is number one.

(Sai Gon Times)