Canadian food festival to begin on November 15

ThCanadian food festival to begin on November 15e 2013 Canadian Food Festival will be held in Hanoi from November 15 to December 15 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Canada-Vietnam diplomatic relations.

Premium products including Canadian beef, a wide range of Canadian seafood including lobster, oysters, scallops, snow crabs, black cod, salmon, halibut and mussels; Canadian wines and spirits and Canadian Ambrosia Apples will be featured at the event.

“The Canadian Gastronomic month for Hanoians is really an opportunity to experience the finest Canadian products. Canada’s vast and varied land, bounded by oceans on three sides and dotted with freshwater lakes, nurtures a diverse range of high-quality food ingredients. It has one of the world’s most respected food inspection and control systems. Canadian laws and regulations, enforced by the Government of Canada provide world-class production standards in order to meet customer specifications”, said newly-appointed Ambassador of Canada to Vietnam, Mr. David Devine, on November 11.

A number of restaurants, hotels and shops in town including Don’s Tay Ho, Hai Cang (harbor), Asahi Sushi, Seafood Express, Hoa An Vien, Capital Garden, Hai Dang Plaza, as well as Hilton and Sheraton hotels will offer a special discount on the Canadian food menu during the Festival. Canadian wines and spirits are discounted at wine shops Warehouse and Camus, together with 20% discount on Canadian Ambrosia apples from November 25 to December 15 at “Luon Tuoi Sach” fruit shops.

Famous Canadian Chef Cameron Stauch will attend the Festival’s opening ceremony at Seafood Express restaurant at the Royal City shopping mall on November 14.

Especially, Canadian beef is widely acknowledged as being of premium quality, thanks to grain feeding of barley and corn.
(Source: CPV)