Asian cuisine week highlights Vietnamese food

Popular VietnaAsian cuisine week highlights Vietnamese foodmese specialties such as Hanoi fried spring rolls and southern grilled beef noodles are attracting attention from customers at the ongoing Asian Cuisine Week in the Czech Republic capital Prague.

A lion dance performance by a Vietnamese troupe on February 26 marked the opening ceremony of the event that is showcasing various kinds of food from Vietnam, Japan, China, Thailand and the Republic of Korea.

Visitors, including representatives from the Vietnamese community in the host country, were informed of the nutritional and aesthetic values of Asian gastronomy.

Managing Director of MAKRO Cash and Carry group Axel Hluchy describes businesses from Asia as the company’s key trade partners, confirming its long-term goal of enhancing and expanding Asian foodstuff in the country.

The group also hopes to popularise the best-quality food in the region among native people so that they are able to cook at home such specialties which are increasing in popularity in the country and Europe, said Communication Director Romana Nydrle.

It also creates a brilliant opportunity for the Vietnamese restaurants here to select the kinds of food and spices that meet the tastes of their customers, Nydrle added.

Vietnamese-made products such as shrimp and frozen cuttlefish have become top best sellers among foods as they are being sold at MAKRO Trade Centre, according to MAKRO Head of Customer Service Vo Van Nam.

Asian Cuisine Week will run until March 4.
(Source: VNA)