Let the time go slowly in quaint Hoi An

On a tour to Hoi An Ancient Town in Quang Nam Province, after walking around old streets and craft villages, tourists should take a short tour to tramp around villages, cycle on winding trails, ride buffaloes or try to be a fisherman for the day to learn more about local life.

Images of buffaloes are very familiar to locals but are a bit strange to foreigners, so this Canadian tourist stopped for a while to take photos of the buffaloes

The tour just takes travelers a few hours but promises to bring amazing experiences. Tourists will have a great time strolling around countryside roads as they can appreciate the rustic nature of farmlife.

Foreigners use nets to catch fi sh as they learn about the lives of local fi shermen. To book the tour, tourists can contact Hoi An Eco-Tour via www.hoianecotour.com.vn. – Photos: Minh Duy

Here are some snapshots taken by The Saigon Times Daily journalist Minh Duy.

A brave tourist tries to ride a buffalo through the river
Using nets