Cooling down at Hoa Binh Waterfall

Cooling down at Hoa Binh WaterfallThe heavy rain in Saigon these days cannot shift the searing heat. Those wishing to escape should head to Hoa Binh Waterfall in Ba Ria-Vung Tau to enjoy the cool atmosphere and great landscape of forest, streams and lakes all in the one place.

The waterfall, also called Song Ray or Xuan Son, is located on Son Duc Commune, Son Binh District which is about 120km from HCMC.

Tourists from HCMC should head to Ba Ria Town, and then travel around 25 kilometers to Ngai Giao town, about 10 kilometers to Son Binh District and two more kilometers to the waterfall.

Visitors to the waterfall these days can admire fierce water flowing through some giant rocks, splashing white bubbles in the air. This image is different from a peaceful waterfall in the dry season when water flows gently and tourists can scramble on rocks from one side to the other side of the stream.

Tourists admire a hill completely covered with manioc plants – Photos: Kieu Giang

A suggestion for travelers is to bring food and drink to enjoy under some shade along the stream instead of swimming as the strong current can sweep you away. Those who wish to have a nice sensation can choose to sit in some rocks near the stream’s bank with their hands and feet sticking to the rock and enjoy a great massage as water beats against their backs and bellies like in a Jacuzzi. Note, you should stay in groups for safety as sometimes people find it difficult to hold onto the slippery rocks.

If you are bored of swimming or taking a nap under the shade, you can go around taking photos as there’s a beautiful forest and hills around the stream where local people plant corn and manioc trees in a vast area.

Tourists are advised to wear plastic or waterproof sandals and apply insect-prevention lotion and to be careful with all their stuff as the water can sweep them all your precious goods away in a flash.