Visting national relic Thay Thim Temple

Visting national relic Thay Thim TempleLocated in the Bau Cai Forest in Binh Thuan Province about 130 kilometers from HCMC, Thay Thim Temple was built in 1879 for worshiping a rich, kind hermit and his wife who are both respectfully called Thay (The Wizard) and Thim (The Aunt).

Legend has it that Thay and Thim came from the central province of Quang Nam as they  faced serious oppression from the Nguyen Dynasty. Apparently Thay was to faceTam Ban Trieu Dien which includes decapitation, drinking poison or hanging. So, the hermit and his wife had used magic to change a red silk into a dragon so they could fly to Bau Cai Forest to seek shelter.

In the new land, Thay used his magical power to treat diseases, build boats, suppress the rich and dishonest traders and save the poor.

In order to show their appreciation, local residents buried him and his wife at Bau Thong Forest and they built a temple to worship them.

At this temple and graves of Thay Thim, two main festivals take place yearly. According to the lunar calendar, the cleaning and decorating of graves occurs on January 5th and  September 14-16.

In September 1997, Thay Thim Temple was ranked as one of National Artistic and Architectural Relics of the nation.

(Sai Gon Times)