My family’s trip to Phan Thiet, Vietnam

Through Eviva Tour Vietnam, my family had a meaningful holiday and visits the famous tourist destination in Phan Thiet. After the trip I wanted to tell you about the places we visited during the trip.

trip to Phan Thiet

The first day we spent family time for Spiritual destinations. The first destination that my family visiting is Poshanu Cham Tower, located on the Ba Na hill, Phu Hai ward, The distance from Phan Thiet city around 7 km to the North East

Poshanu Cham Tower is a leftover relic group of ancient Cham Kingdom. Tower has Hoa Lai style of architecture – a style of ancient art of the Cham. Although with small and medium size, but distill the quintessence architecture and decorative arts of the ancient Cham people make the majesty and mystery. This is one of the oldest Cham tower with relatively intact.

Nearby The Cham towers is the famous Prince Places, associated to Han Mac Tu poet and loving with Mrs Mong Cam. On the road to Cham tower and Prince Places is so many paper flowers with bright pink and the only land that flowers bloom with beautiful colors.

We spent about one hour to visit the Cham towers and Prince Places, after that my family continue the journey to Ta Cu Mountain and we spent four hour for this tourism destination.

Ta Cu mountain 649 meters high, located along National Highway 1A, in the town of Thuan Nam, Ham Thuan Nam district, 28 km from Phan Thiet to the south, both a tourism destination and climbing mountain in Binh Thuan province .The temperature average from 18 to 22 ° C. Formerly it was a volcano under the First era in the land should have placer gold and sulfur.

Coming to Ta Cu Tourist Area our feeling like in the wonderful places, right at the entrance having small car for our family to the Cable Car, the car ran around a campus make very nice and gentle feeling relaxed.

For climb up to the peak of mountain in the forbidden forest visitors normally need 2 hours to pass 2,290 m with ramp. Bang Lang is the highest ramp, inclined 45 °. Or visitors can sit in the Cabin car within 10 minutes “flying” in the 1,600 m long cable at a height of 500m, watching the immense green forest. My whole family went up by cable car to Ta Cu Mountain and indeed From above looking down surrounded by vast and spectacular forest and sea.

Located at an altitude of 563 m (not to the top) are two pagodas: Pagoda Up (Linh Son Truong Tho) and Pagoda Under (Long Doan), with high rock terraces and towers. There are many Buddha statues with different standing postures and in the highest Buddha statue is made of concrete, whitewashed and 49m length. On 30May2013 has been recognized as the longest Buddha statue in Asia.

After one day visit two tourist Phan Thiet, my family feels a little tired because of hot weather and high altitude mountain but the sense of lightness and serenity when we set foot on the land of majestic Buddha statues, all fatigue disappear.

(Authour: Client of Eviva Vietnam Tour)