Quang Nam conserves and promotes heritage values

To response to the 10th anniversary of Convention on protection of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO (2003-2013) and aim to establish an ASEAN Community by 2015, from 22nd to 26th June 2013, Quang Nam Provincial People’s Committee coordination with Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Viet Nam National Commission for UNESCO will organize the 5th Quang Nam Heritage Festival with the theme “Together protect and promote heritage values” to promote global heritage values and cultural characteristics of the locality.

Quang Nam conserves and promotes heritage values

A new feature of this festival is apart from Hoi An and My Son, the festival space will be extended to many other areas of Quang Nam Province such as Tam Ky City and districts of Phu Ninh, Dien Ban, Nam Giang, Dong Giang. Besides, this year’s festival will have the participation of art troupes from ASEAN countries, the Republic of Korea, Japan, the provinces and cities nationwide and the international choir troupes with unique and impressive art programs.

Highlight of Quang Nam Heritage Festival 2013 is “Viet Nam and ASEAN cultural heritage space” exhibition opened at 19h30 on 21st June 2013 in An Hoi Sculpture Garden Park, Hoi An City with the participation of 200 artists and artisans from Southeast Asia countries and 20 units of 20 provinces and cities which have cultural and natural heritage sites recognized by UNESCO and submitted UNESCO documents. By most vivid images of the cultural and natural heritage sites recognized by UNESCO, the exhibition will help visitors to understand more about the unique culture features of Viet Nam and also Southeast Asia region.

In the framework of the festival, from 19th June to 22nd June 2013 at An Hoi Sculpture Garden and Hoi An Beach Resort, the 3rd Viet Nam International Choir Competition will be organized by International Choir Association (Interkultur) and Hoi An City with the participation of art troupes from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Republic of Korea, China, Australia, U.S… After the competition, the international choir and Vietnamese art troupes will perform in the street show “International Melody” in Hoi An City and some localities in the province.

One of the activities awaited the most in the festival is the finals of “Miss Ethnic Viet Nam” contest took place at 20h00 on 26th June 2013 in Hoi An Theatre. This is a unique cultural event to honor the beauty of the young women from 54 ethnic groups in Viet Nam.

In addition, many other exciting cultural, art and sports activities will be held in Quang Nam Heritage Festival 2013 such as the food festival “Delicious Viet Nam dishes”; announce two Quang Nam’s special dishes recognized Viet Nam and Asian Records such as Mong Bridge Veal and Quang noodles; the Central region’s Bai choi singing festival; display antiques and 500 ancient lamps at Dien Ban Cultural History Museum, the exhibition on handicraft products with the theme “Heritage Imprint”; Cham Culture Festival held at My Son Sanctuary, the reappearance of “Hoi An Night in the 20th century” in Hoi An Ancient Town”…

In this year’s Quang Nam Heritage Festival, the managers, scientists, journalists, diplomats and businessmen will also have the opportunity to exchange, discuss and share experiences in management, conservation and promotion of tangible and intangible heritage values through conferences and seminars such as: Conference on investment promotion in Quang Nam province, international seminar on conservation of intangible cultural heritage, seminar on promotion of cultural heritage values with tourism development and press conference on communication links for tourism development.

Also in the festival, Quang Nam Province will launch a number of new tourism products such as experience tour of battlefield in “The legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail”; visit Zoza traditional brocade weaving village and Grang Waterfall (Nam Giang District), Bhohoong and Dhroong villages (Dong Giang District); Ha Thanh Tourist Beach in Tam Ky City; experience swallow trade in Cham Island World Biosphere Reserve; explore Cham culture space and My Son Sanctuary…

As the convergent place of cultural heritage sites such as Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Sanctuary and Cham Island World Biosphere Reserve, Quang Nam has become an attractive eco-tourism, cultural destination for domestic and foreign tourists. The 5th Quang Nam Heritage Festival 2013 is the occasion to honor the cultural values ​​of Viet Nam and the cultural characteristics of Quang Nam; and bring Quang Nam’s image closer to domestic tourists and international friends. This is also the opportunity for Quang Nam to develop tourism rapidly and sustainably, become one of tourist centers of the region and the country, aim to the goal of welcoming 4-6 million tourists per year after 2015.

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