10 unique means of transport for tourists in Vietnam

Tourists are very excited to try unique means of transport, like three-wheeler, horse-drawn carriage, elephant ride or dug-out canoe services at tourism sites in Vietnam.

1. Three-wheeler

10 unique means of transport for tourists in Vietnam
Photo: Trong Luan

The three-wheeler is a rudimentary means of transport. Visitors to Quan Lan Island in Quang Ninh province are surprised to see each carrying 8-10 person.

2. Cyclo

Photo: Dulichhue

The Cyclo (cycle rickshaw) is also a unique means of transport that has become very popular in central Hue City and at many tourism sites across the country. It’s high enough for two tourists on a sight-seeing tour.

3. Horse-drawn carriage

Photo: DulichDalat

It is a vehicle most favoured by travellers to the sea, coastal and highland areas, who like to hear the hoofs and tinkling sounds of tintinnabulum.

4. Elephant ride

Photo: Dulichtaynguyen

Tourists to the Central Highland region never miss the chance to ride tame elephants around a hamlet or cross the Serepok River.

5. Tandem bicycle

Visitors to Bai Chay, Haiphong, Danang or Vung Tau feel quite relaxed to ride tandem bikes along the sandy beaches.

6. Tramcar

Photo: coto.gov.vn

It is a green electric vehicle often seen running in Hanoi, Ninh Binh and Danang, even on Co To Island – 80km far from the mainland where it can transport 6-8 passengers smoothly around this pearl island.

7. Rowing kayak

Photo:  dulichvietnam

The Kayak boat is mainly for those who like adventure tourism. It looks like a Vietnamese dug-out canoe. Visitors to Ha Long, Haiphong and Nha Trang will have the chance to enjoy this kind of tourism service.

8. Helicopter

Photo: dulichvietnam.

This is a new tourism service provided at Ha Long, Sapa and Cat Ba sites for those who wish to see the whole scenery at an attitude of 300m.

9. Cable car

Photo: dulichvietnam.

This means of transport is now available at Vinpearland in Nha Trang, Ba Na in Danang and Yen Tu in Quang Ninh to save travel time for tourists.

10. Dug-out canoe

Photo: dulichvietnam.

This is not only a unique means of transport but also a special cultural feature of Central Highland and North-Western regions that has proved a hit with many first-time visitors.