Saigon Haze


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This morning as I was on my way to work, it was raining a wee bit and thought the hazy weather was due to rain clouds and moisture. But as I got into the city, the haze didn’t seem to be about the rainy weather. Nor was it fog. It looked nothing like a fog to me.

I checked online and there has been talk about haze blanketing the city. :( And the levels were pretty bad. It was 370 PSI at 8 am this morning. I remember letting my youngest son go out at that time. So I was really alarmed!

 photo WP_20130624_003_zps4fd059f0.jpgPhoto by Erick Doan

The only website I could get information on the pollution level is from Air Purifier Vietnam. I know it’s to their interest letting us know about the status of pollution in Saigon but really, I thank them for their information. I couldn’t find any other site providing this information!  And I couldn’t doubt the information because it really looks bad outside.

 photo psilevels_zps3722d220.png

Hopefully the values continue to go down as the day ends. Stay indoors as much as you can everyone!

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Just a bit of an update. From this area in Sky Garden, you’d typically see Bitexco quite clearly — even in the late afternoon. But today, you can only see a hazy outline. :(

Some photos from today:

 photo 1008750_10152941500490713_1603872071_o_zps1e639d39.jpg

photo by Heshan Jayakody, 8 am

Saigon Haze

photo by Amanda Perry, 8:15 am

 photo 1025287_495407300533185_1850541509_o_zps95deef5c.jpg

photo by Cyril Dubrowsky from Vung Tau, 10:30 am