Mountain of four-season flowers in Sapa

Not only being the best place to see Sa Pa, Ham Rong Mountain is also known as a royal garden with blooming flowers all year round.

Mountain of four-season flowers in Sapa
Cloud Yard is the best place to see Sa Pa. Photo: dulichvietnam.

Ham Rong Mountain is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Sa Pa. Located in the heart of the town, behind the Sa Pa church, anyone who comes to this mountain town spends at least half a day to visit this interesting place.

As part of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, Ham Rong Mountain is one of the few mountains in Vietnam that have clear and beautiful figurativeness. From here it looks like a flying dragon among a white cloud.

This place is like a miniature Sa Pa because visitors can feel the convergent beauty of nature, culture and people of the mountain town by each step from the foot to the peak of Ham Rong Mountain. Anyone who comes here is impressed with flowers that bloom everywhere on the mountain.

Along the way up to Ham Rong Mountain are multiple species of flowers. Walking for a while, they will enter an orchid garden located halfway up the mountain. There are 6,000 orchid baskets with hundreds of orchid species, including the rarest ones in this garden.

sapa, lao cai, ham rong moutain, flowers

The orchid garden is a special emphasis on Ham Rong Mountain. Photo: pystravel

sapa, lao cai, ham rong moutain, flowers

Ham Rong has many flower species imported from France and Japan. Photo: kienthanhtravel

The flower garden named “Europe” is located in main area of Ham Rong Mountain. There are many beautiful flower species imported from Europe and cold countries.

The most popular flower species on the mountain may be orchids and hydrangeas. Hydrangeas flowers can be seen everywhere in the mountain, with different colors.

Visiting Ham Rong in the spring, visitors will also have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the ancient peach garden. Here, pink beach flowers cover part of the mountain. The colors of pink peach flowers and white apricot and plum flowers look outstanding on the grey and green background.

Tourists come here to see the flowers and to admire the panorama of Sa Pa town from the three sites of San May (Cloud Yard), the orchid garden 1 and the Sapa telecom station. At different altitudes, visitors will have different views of the “town of mist.”

However, the Cloud Yard is considered the best site for sightseeing in Sapa because at the height of 1,800 m, visitors are able to sense the interference of heaven and earth and leisurely walk on clouds.

(Source: VietnamNet)