Making lanterns (den keo quan) in Cao Vien

As the Mid-autumn festival comes , den keo quan,  lanterns with vivid rotating images on the outside cover have appeared.

Den keo quan is a popular paper-made toy previously seen at many festivals in Vietnam. But it now only seems to appear at the Mid-autumn festival.

The images on the lantern’s cover often feature those who have done good deeds such as soldiers in battle, doctors, farmers and children who tend buffalos in Vietnam’s villages. Nowadays, the images have become more modern such as an intelligent robotic cat called Doraemon, sailor moon or the Monkey King.

So as the tradition of making den keo quan is not lost forever, for the fourth consecutive year, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology has invited some artisans in Dan Vien hamlet, Cao Vien commune in Thanh Oai district, Hanoi to teach secondary students how to make the lanterns.

Following are some photos:

Making lanterns (den keo quan) in Cao Vien



(Source: VOV)