Cham curry – specialty of Cham people in An Giang

An Giang is the land of native Vietnamese, Chinese, Khmer and Cham people living peacefully together for hundreds of years. The local Cham community mainly follows Muslim, creating unique cultural features from mosque architectures to housing designs or traditional costumes.

Cham-curry-in-An -iang

Among traditional cultural traits, culinary is a pride of Cham people there, especially for their curry dishes.

Curry does not appear often in daily meals of Cham people but in festivals, wedding parties or religious events as this dish is expensive and more complicated in preparing than other ones. Cham people abstain from pork, and they often use beef, goat meat and chicken.

Mari Giah, a local curry maker, said that curry of Cham people in the province is imported from the Muslim community in Malaysia, and this is the key factor that makes the dish’s flavor different from the curry of native Vietnamese or Chinese people. If the native Vietnamese and Chinese people serve curry with bread, Cham people enjoy curry with rice like Indian people.

Once visiting An Giang Province, tourists should not miss this specialty at Min Ky eatery located on Truong Nu Vuong Street.

Source: SGT