Pork summer rollA specialty of Da Nang

Pork summer roll is a specialty of Da Nang that satisfies even the most demanding gourmet. Made from common meat such as pork, this dish has gained a universal reputation in Da Nang ... 继续阅读 →

5 Ways To Travel Smarter In Vietnam, And Have Stories To Tell Back Home

Here’s how to be a tourist in Vietnam, an ever-trending travel destination, without falling into too many tourist traps. People sit along a waterfront as residential and commercial ... 继续阅读 →

Best tips to save money when traveling in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most affordable travel destinations in Asia, where budget-conscious tourists can enjoy a wide range of activities, attractions, and local delicacies. Follow our Vietnam ... 继续阅读 →

Cua Lo Beach, a beautiful resort in Nghe An

Cua Lo is one the most beautiful beaches in the north-central region, 17km east of Vinh City. The long, sandy, unspoiled beach attracts crowds of tourists. From Ha Noi, tourists go ... 继续阅读 →

Lau mam (salted fish hotpot)

“Lau mam” is a southern specialty and an amazing marriage of preserved fish and hot-pot as well. Guests are certain to love it at the first sight due to the eye-catching beauty ... 继续阅读 →

你说西红柿, 我说,可能脚趾: 桥接越南第三语言障碍

如果你还在苦苦理解, 也许问题在于你. 我从来没有见过这么大阵仗引起了一杯羹. Last week I was sitting in my usual spot ... 继续阅读 →


有很多在越南中部的美味佳肴, 但最热门专业是牛肉面, 烤春卷和大米蛋糕纸包裹猪肉. Now tourists ... 继续阅读 →

萨伊·森 - 奎·尼的拿手菜

奎·尼省是著名的风景, 它的人民和文化, 但没有多少人知道一个独特的菜,只能在北部地区发现. 该 ... 继续阅读 →

钱法仁TRO – 在清化最值得期待的节日

清化省有丰富的文化. 它不仅拥有众多的历史遗迹像火腿蓉桥, 何城堡和林京族遗迹, but also many folk games and professional contests ... 继续阅读 →
蔡NEM - 越南的独特新鲜菜

蔡NEM – 越南的独特新鲜菜

NEM蔡氏 (越南发酵猪肉卷) 是越南饮食文化的一个独特的碟, 从鲜猪肉和其他特殊香料制成. The skin of the pig is sliced into small strands ... 继续阅读 →
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