Types of Vietnamese rice vermicelli

DifferTypes of Vietnamese rice vermicellience in size
We have thick string vermicelli for noodle soup and thin string vermicelli for bún chấm.

Bún chấm??

  • Bún means rice vermicelli
  • Chấm means dip

This bún chấm is not a particular dish but a range of dishes like chargrilled pork and vermicelli (picture 1) where you will have a plate of vermicelli accompanied by dipping sauce and a table salad. You then dip vermicelli into the dipping sauce, add some herbs, some other bits to create your unique bite, one after the other.

Difference in shape

  • Bún rối – tangled vermicelli
  • Bún lá/ bún con – leaf-liked vermicelli, pieces by pieces
  • Bún bánh – thread vermicelli, please suggest if you have a better word for that


  • Normally, the noodle would take 30 minutes since cooked to achieves its desire outcome but if you are in hurry, you can put it into the microwave, it would fluff and dry after few minutes.
  • You could also pour rinsed vermicelli into boiled water for half a minute then drain, hot water simple evaporate quicker.
  • For noodle soup, you don’t need fluffy noodle