The differences between duck and muscovy duck

Siting in the garden and looking at those beautiful birds, I remember my conversation with dad and uncle about the differences between duck & muscovy duck (m-duck) – which, surprisingly, growing up in the countryside, seeing poultry everyday, yet I know the differences between them so I guess, probably, you don’t too.

The differences between duck and muscovy duck

There are two stages to work on

When they are little:
They are very similar apart from their beaks, duck has yellow beak; m-duck has white one. According to dad, we can also distinguish them by their feather, m-duck has small dark dots on.

When they are grown up:
It’s much easier to tell now: their heads, beaks, tails, legs or figure; let have look:

Meat quality

M-duck meat is firm and sweet. I suspect, it’s because m-duck’s grown rate is twice time slower than duck.

I know, it’s a mundane issue but it fascinated me much so I merely hope, you’ll find it interesting.

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