Old Quarter to get new food street

While the idea is only in its formative stages, it is understood it could eventually resemble highly popular food streets in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok. It is the first phase ... Continue Reading →

Vietnamese street food in the eyes of foreigners

Under the lens of foreign photographers who love cuisine, Vietnamese street food appears simple yet very attractive. Let’s have a look at the best photos of Vietnamese street food ... Continue Reading →

Bobby Chinn introduces Vietnamese food in Singapore

Vietnamese Tourism Ambassador to Europe Bobby Chinn has introduced foreign tourists to Singapore and local islanders to genuine Vietnamese dishes from September 6-9. At Movenpick Heritage ... Continue Reading →

Cuisine from Central Viet Nam

Da Nang is well known for being a lovely tourism destination in Central Viet Nam. The city has all favors from the nature and weather, compared to neighboring localities. Therefore, ... Continue Reading →

Mussel Rice in Huong River

Travelling to Hue, visitors not only enjoy the stunning view of the Huong River but also have chance to enjoy one of the best Vietnamese foods there. It is well known as Com Hen Song ... Continue Reading →

Eating “Ca Xiu” in Ha Tien town

In the journey of discovering Ha Tien town and Hai Tac Islands in Kien Giang, apart from being impressed with the breath-taking landscape, I also got wowed by the first time eating ... Continue Reading →

Banh Khot Goc Vu Sua: top option for tourists

Banh Khot is a cake made from rice flour. There are fried shrimps insde and always served with raw vegetables, fresh chilli, special shrimp paste sauce. Tucked away down a bustling ... Continue Reading →

Famous US chef explores Vietnamese cuisine, culture

Well-known American chef Robert Danhi will replace Martin Yan as the new host for the second season of a TV show “Kham Pha Viet Nam” (Taste of Viet Nam). The information was released ... Continue Reading →

The rustic flavor of banh rom

Te ingredients for making banh rom include sticky rice flour, pork, green beans and green banana leaves. To turn out a fragrant, sticky and mouth-watering cake, makers are required ... Continue Reading →

Specialties of food vendors in Hoi An

Coming to the ancient town of Hoi An, one of the most attractive cities in Asia, tourists can enjoy specialties right on the street. Hoi An used to be one of the busiest cities in Cochin, ... Continue Reading →