My Vietnam special dishes

I have finished my 9 day-8 night tour around Sai Gon – Phu Quoc – Hoi An – Ha Noi. In this tour, I was deeply impressed by not only Vietnam beauty but also Vietnamese food. It is really strange but perfect taste, and far different from the usual dishes in my country. There are some of the dishes I love most

1/ Phu Quoc

This is an island in the South of Viet Nam. Although I did not have many chance to enjoy much special food of this island I was really impressed with the food here.

The first dish was Mien Cua (something like the noodle made from rice, mix with eggs, and meat of crab, carrot and mushroom – said the tour-guide). The vendor made this dish very fast with an incredible speed. It was not too sophisticated processing but really tasty.

Mien Cua in Phu Quoc

It seems that Phu Quoc people like mixed dishes and most of them are very well. Let’s see the second dishes: Mixed fried seafood and vegetable. It includes shrimp, fish and squid. It is perfect to enjoy this dish with a cup of beer. It’s in Zen restaurant, for your reference.

2/ Sai Gon

Not like in Phu Quoc, when I have landed in Sai Gon, I took my time to try special dishes in this city. Do you believe that I did have 12 meals from restaurants, vendors, to the night markets just within 2 days and a half. Here are these dishes:

– Fried rice with beef and onion. Though this is not the most interesting dish but it is the most common dish that you can find in any restaurant, especially, it is very cheap (just around $2).

Fried rice with beef and onion

– Then, the Boiled snails, eat with chili sauce. A basic dish but very good. I love the smell of lemon grass and ginger in the bowl.

Boiled snails

– Bun Mam (bun – rice noodle; mam – sauce, translated by my tour guide). It includes noodle, scrimp, fish and ink. The special ingredient makes this food special is the broth with a distinctive taste. And this is one of the best dishes I have ever tried in Sai Gon.

Bun Mam Sai gon

3/ Hoi An

I found out 2 dishes that I extremely loved in Hoi An:

The first is Cao Lau: pork, vegetable and yellow noodle as the Soba in Japan. Since this is a famous dish of Hoi An, you can find it at any restaurant in this ancient town.

Cao Lau Hoi An

And the second is Sandwich (or called Banh My Kep). Let’s see, there are pate’, pork, fresh tomato slices, cucumber, chili sauce, onion, a fried egg and many other things in one sandwich. Its taste that was very special made me eat 3 sandwiches within 24 hours. Oh my God!

Banh My Kep Hoi An

4/ Ha Noi

Pho Bo: It includes rice noodles, thinly sliced meat and clear broth made by simmering beef bones, oxtails, flank steak, serving with onions, basil, lemon or lime, bean sprouts and peppers.

Pho - A speciality of Vietnam

I love this taste: sweet taste of broth, savory smell of meat and the softness of noodles mixing perfectly with each other.
I choose this is the most amazing dishes I have ever enjoyed in Hanoi.

Bun Cha is a special food of Ha Noi. The ingredient is grilled pork, rice noodle, herbs and fish sauce. You can eat with spring roll also.

Bun Cha Hanoi

Finally, coconut milk coffe in the old town, particularly Hang Hanh street. It looks very effervescent but is really great.

In my opinion, Vietnamese food is simple in look but rich in flavor, easy to eat and very well in comparison with the cuisines of other countries in Indochina. Thanks to my tour guide, Ms. Le from Eviva Tour Viet Nam who was very nice taking care of our group during the tour and arranging many special meals for us with detail description.