Vietnamese cuisine to become tourism attraction

Once established, the national trademark “the World’s Kitchen” will draw people from all the five continents to explore Vietnam’s culture through local cuisine. Vietnamese ... Continue Reading →

Vietnam cuisine in the eyes of foreign visitors

The first thing tourists experience when they arrive in a country is the food. They can learn a lot from what they eat. It can explain the cultural values of a nation. A long queue ... Continue Reading →

Dog meat special

One of the first questions Vietnamese people, especially men, ask a foreigner is ‘Can you eat dog meat? A direct translation from Vietnamese, the question is not so much asking whether ... Continue Reading →

Snack food in Hanoi: less is more

With the fast approach of winter in town, most Hanoi lovers are seeking new places for snack food and their most iconic wintry dishes are nem chua ran (fried fermented pork), banh mi ... Continue Reading →
Don’t be scared - enjoy Hades’ rice

Don’t be scared – enjoy Hades’ rice

Coming to a Hue restaurant, diners will be startled with the name Com am phu (Hades’ rice) on the menu, but then will crave it with its eye-catching presentation and flavor. The name ... Continue Reading →
Vietnam’s favourite dishes revealed

Vietnam’s favourite dishes revealed

On August 16, the Vietnam Records Book Centre (VietKings) announced Vietnam’s top 14 culinary delights for the first time. The specialties include fruit, cakes, preserves, sauces ... Continue Reading →
Ca lang is fish bliss

Ca lang is fish bliss

One of my home province An Giang’s most desirable dishes is ca lang which roughly translates as fish wheel which neither makes sense nor does it give this rare delight justice. To ... Continue Reading →
Quan Oc Oanh soothes the pain of a rainy day

Quan Oc Oanh soothes the pain of a rainy day

The rainy season affects some people worse than others but you have to grin and bear it until the lovely sunshine is once more upon us in a few months. There is certainly no shortage ... Continue Reading →
Bún đậu mắm tôm- it’s worth a try

Bún đậu mắm tôm: it’s worth a try

When talking about the street food culture of Viet Nam, one can’t forget to mention “bún đậu mắm tôm” – noodles with tofu and shrimp paste. Shrimp paste or “mắm tôm” ... Continue Reading →