Tre Ba De in Da Nang, Vietnam

Tre Ba De in Da Nang, Vietnam

Tre Ba De is a Da Nang’s special cuisine made of pork. It has become not only the favourite cuisine of many local inhabitants but also a tasty dish that the people from all over the ... Continue Reading →

Taste specialties of central Vietnam right in Hanoi

There are a lot of delicious dishes in central Vietnam, but the most popular specialties are beef noodle soup, grilled spring rolls and rice paper cake wrapped with pork meat. Now tourists ... Continue Reading →

Sai Sung – A special dish of Quang Ninh

The province of Quang Ninh is famous for its scenery, its people and its culture, but not many people know about a unique dish that can only be found in the northern locality. The ... Continue Reading →
Nem Chua - A unique fresh dish of Vietnam

Nem Chua – A unique fresh dish of Vietnam

Nem chua (Vietnamese fermented pork roll) is a unique dish of Vietnamese food culture, made from fresh pork and other special spices. The skin of the pig is sliced into small strands ... Continue Reading →

Food in Hoi An

Visitors like to go to Thanh Ha Pottery Village by bike. Here tourists can walk along the riverside or rural roadsides and visit charming pottery – kilns. You may be so hungry after ... Continue Reading →

Special dishes of Ha Giang

As October comes, the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang attracts flocks of tourists who come to watch blooming fields of buckwheat and beautiful golden paddy fields. Rat meat Rat ... Continue Reading →

Vietnam banh mi shops praised by int’l media

Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches are regarded as one of the “super food” by foreign diners. The banh mi is a delicious and ever-varying combination of deli-style pork, pate ... Continue Reading →

10 Vietnamese food you need to try

The cuisine relies on a balance of salty, sweet, sour and hot flavours, achieved through use of nuoc mam, a fermented fish sauce, cane sugar, the juice of kalamansi citrus fruit or ... Continue Reading →

My Vietnam special dishes

I have finished my 9 day-8 night tour around Sai Gon – Phu Quoc – Hoi An – Ha Noi. In this tour, I was deeply impressed by not only Vietnam beauty but also Vietnamese food. It ... Continue Reading →

Pho – A speciality of Vietnam

Each country has its traditional dishes which are popular around the world. When talking about Japan, we should mention “sushi”; when traveling to Germany, travelers absolutely ... Continue Reading →