Strong breath of life on My Khe beach

After a few days wandeStrong breath of life on My Khe beachring in Hue, a Japanese companion asked me about Son Tra Peninsula and some must-see destinations in Danang City.

I really felt ashamed as a Vietnamese who has to follow suggestions from a foreigner that My Khe Beach in the peninsula is recognized as one of the most ideal beaches in Danang. And as a challenge, I arrived at the beach on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

After booking a hotel facing the beach, I was in a hurry to run out to explore the beach and see if my friend was right or not – he was so right. My Khe Beach appeared before my eyes as a green fairy with a beautiful blue sea and a line of palm trees bathing under the golden beams of a tropical zone.

Located six kilometers east of Danang downtown, My Khe is a nine-kilometer stretch of smooth sand with an average width between 50 meters and 70 meters. The gradient is gentle, and its sheltered position in the lee of the Son Tra peninsula softens the autumn winds that restrict swimming further down the coast.

When the sun started to come down, people rushed out to swim, play football, go fishing, jog as well as walk along like the beach like me taking in the romance of it all. I felt the breath of life strong there and I felt happy to join that lively ambiance. The sunset came over the beach, as couples walked hand by hand, sat on the beach and gazed into each other’s eyes, wrote their names on the sand, images of hearts. It was a beautiful sight. I may have been walking by myself but I felt buoyant in this amazing spot. I felt life is more beautiful and worth living as I could hear laughter, the whispers of sweet nothings, the waves, boats, wind through the palm leaves. Yes I was alone but not for a second lonely.

As I was unaccompanied a local man decided to try his chances as he flirted with me and chatted so sweetly. I said thanks but no thanks but he did give me as good a tip about the beach that a tour guide could provide. Normally talking with a stranger in a strange place is a scary prospect but it was okay and I never felt threatened. He said it is an ideal and huge beach with smooth sand and a slight slope and behind the beach is a dark green poplar forest, and beside, the Kinh River carries crystal water to the sea.

The beach has coral, abundant plants and creatures along the bankside and of course swimming around under the sea. It is close to the city center and is easy to find by various means of transport. The sea water in My Khe is cool with little waves so you can bathe all year round, especially in summer from May to August. The lack of large waves, less than average pollution, and an annual mean temperature around 25 degrees Celsius, makes it a safe place to swim for adults and children alike.

The beach has hotels, pleasure-houses and various abundant services, creating favorable conditions for tourists to relax on the shores. For accommodation, tourists also have many options such as guest houses, casual hotels or luxury resorts depending on price and demand.  Around the hotel area, there are plenty of seafood restaurants and stalls, and large numbers of local vendors traverse the beach selling all kinds of food and drinks.

For enthusiasts of beach sports games, My Khe Beach is now offering some recreational activities such as fishing, water-skiing, diving, yachting and kite flying.

As dusk approached into darkness I got back to the hotel safely and prepared for a rendezvous in Han River downtown. Like an old friend, I said goodbye to the beach and swore to come back again the next morning to await the dawn together.

(Sai Gon Times)