Peaceful Hai Hoa Beach

With the literal meaning of its name, Hai Hoa (“Peaceful”) Beach in the north-central province of Thanh Hoa boasts the serenity that only beautiful natural scenery can provide.

Its tiny white-capped summer waves attract thousands of tourists in peak season.

Unlike other noisy and commercialised tourist hubs, visitors to Hai Hoa Beach enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of its stunning landscape and the fresh taste of its seafood.

Peaceful Hai Hoa Beach

Both domestic and foreign tourists like to travel by coach or train to the beach in high summer.

As it is quieter than some other beaches in the central region, Hai Hoa is a boon for local people. Located about 15km from Nghi Son economic park—the largest of its kind in Thanh Hoa—the beach still possesses white sandy dunes and green, forested ranges near crystal clear blue waters.

At dawn, the beach is seemingly lit by a ball of fire that bounces off the ocean’s surface. Small fishing boats dock at the beach to sell fish, crab, and shrimp from their overnight catch.

Visitors to Hai Hoa can swim and dive, enjoy fresh seafood, and experience the peaceful life of local people.

Visitors can also surf the waves that surround the pristine island of Hon Me, not far away from the beach.

In Hai Hoa, they can make a good choice accommodation depending on their budget.

Apart from sunbathing or relaxing on the beach, drinking coconut juice, and chatting with friends over a glass of beer and savory snacks of seafood, they can try to fish for cuttlefish at night.

Before dawn there is a flurry of activity that involves everyone, both young and old, after fishing boats return to their shores. Nets are gathered and washed as conversations continue, women weigh and sell fresh fish and children play cheerfully around.

Visitors often book a three day full-package tour to Hai Hoa Beach at a travel cost of around US$200 from Hanoi.

The tour includes visits to UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage-listed Ho Citadel complex and some famous resorts.