It’s tough to leave misty Sapa

For over a centIt’s tough to leave misty Sapaury people from all over the world have experienced the magnificent and misty mountains, splendid rice terraced fields, endless flower hills, vaporous layers of clouds and snow which makes Sapa the landscape of dreams.

And also in fell in love with the land and have been so sad to leave the picture-book area.

From its early days, the valley which is famous for having four seasons in one day, has become home to Ta Van plum and Sa Pa peach, specialties in Sapa.

In spring, Sapa wins peoples’ hearts with its thousands of pink peach blossoms overwhelming mountains, hills and valleys as well as the road to Fan Xi Pang peak and through Hoang Lien Son Range.

From Ham Rong Mountain peak, we can see the town colored like a giant pink carpet. Moreover, it looks more interesting dotted with the multicolored Mong girls’ dresses. In spring nights, they listen to flute sounds of village boys and follow the melodies to find their lovers.

In spring, time is counted by market times with traditional festivities, twitter of birds, laughter of kids and the echo of horses running wild.

In a silent way, Sapa sends the love of nature into each traveler’s heart. And of course, they themselves cannot deny the beauty of what they are witnessing with rivers, silver waterfalls, paddy fields, sunset over the town and Muong Hoa Valley.

That attractive scenery seduces them to explore daily life of ethnic people, old stilt houses, wild flowers, and wine drinking nights under a flickering camp-fire.

Images of ladies in weaving rooms are also an unforgettable sight in Sapa.