An ideal weekend in La Gi

Attractive not only due to its endless bending sand dunes in La Gi Town in Binh Thuan Province, the locality also lures tourists to its forest, mountain and river areas and of course its tales of legends.

An ideal weekend in La Gi

Thanks to road improvements, tourists can easily reach La Gi as it is only 150km from the city.

Its location is the reason why many tourists from Bien Hoa, HCMC and Vung Tau choose La Gi Town as a place for a weekend escape as well as regular guests from Phan Thiet.

La Gi differs from Vung Tau or Phan Thiet with their luxury resorts and hotels. It is more of a primitive and tranquil landscape. After visiting the sand dunes, people should head to Ke Ga lighthouse which was constructed by the French over a century ago.

Or you can head to a local fish market where fishermen gather on the beach to offer some fresh codfish, squid and crab at good prices.

Local people gather at a fi sh market on the beach early morning – Photos: Doan Xa

La Gi also boasts Thay Thim Palace which was recognized as a national heritage for its architecture of Champa people in 1997. Legend has it that a hundred years ago under the reign of King Tu Duc, a couple were beheaded unjustly at the palace. Animals and even gods bemoaned their deaths. Thus, local people built a tomb for the couple and came to pray for them annually on the seventh lunar  month. That day is a traditional festival of the location. Later, King Tu Duc exonerated them and requested that a large palace was built in their honor.

A weekend break to La Gi with beautiful landscapes, culture and people can be a good memory and real treat for tourists.