Dinh Cau night market has much to offer

TogeDinh Cau night market has much to offerther with wonderful natural landscapes, the island of Phu Quoc also boasts Dinh Cau Night Market in Duong Dong Town which is considered a downtown hub for shopping, food and beverages and a hotspot for domestic and foreign tourists.

The night market is 100 meters from Dinh Cau (Cau Temple), thus local habitants on the island named it after the temple. The holy temple is situated on a stone emerged at the edge of the beach.

Fishermen in Phu Quoc in the past never come back home but the islanders were given hope when one day from the bottom of the pure blue ocean appeared a huge majestic rock by the white sand dunes. It was thought to be a good omen, so islanders then built a temple right on this rock and christened it Cau Temple. Cau is a deity living and controlling the deep blue waters, and praying for peace and good fortune to local fishermen when they set sail off to sea. Now, any boat on the island ready to head for the open sea stops at Cau Temple and fishermen burn incense to pray that they can return home safe and sound.

Dinh Cau Night Market stretches out on a road section of nearly 500 meters. It opens daily from 5 p.m. until midnight and sells food and beverages, jewelry and souvenirs. The market becomes busy in the evening and is a cultural feature of Phu Quoc. It appeals to a large number of travelers and has some 100 stalls along the roadsides of Vo Thi Sau. Guests can go shopping and enjoy Phu Quoc specialties featuring a wide array of fresh seafood with an eye-catching display.

Turning from Tran Hung Dao Street to Vo Thi Sau Street, diners can smell the lovely aroma of grilled seafood on the braziers placed in front of each stand. Next to the braziers are tables displaying abundant seafood. Most visitors are lured to watch the braziers as well as tables where they can select many kinds of fish, sea snails, crabs and scallops on their own before deciding to take a seat at the table placed along the pavements and waiting for the well-done seafood they have just bought. The prices of all kinds of seafood are listed on the board in front of every booth, so guests don’t need to bargain or are overcharged for the food. Prices of seafood sold at Dinh Cau Night Market are more affordable than those in other tourist locations.

It’s so amazing when you taste a gourmet dish of grilled noble scallops, a plate of fresh steamed squid served with Phu Quoc fish sauce, boiled sea snails, flower crabs cooked with noodles, grilled sea urchin, red frog crab, shrimp served with salt, pepper and lemon, to name just a few. All will satisfy the taste buds of tourists. Friendly hospitality of owners and waiters at the market also draws a lot of visitors taking a break from shopping.

After their meal, tourists can stroll down to booths selling souvenirs right in the night market such as handicrafts, chains, bracelets, rings, earrings made from pearls, shells or natural stones found on Phu Quoc. All pearl products available here are imported from places growing pearls on the island. Such stands lure a huge number of shoppers buying for themselves or as gifts for friends and relatives. Prices of souvenirs and jewelry are not listed, but visitors can have fun bargaining a good price with the sellers.

(Source: SGT)