Cat Tien relic site attracts tourists

Cat Tien archeCat Tien relic site attracts touristsological site in the Central Highland province of Lam Dong welcomes thousands of visitors every month though it has not opened doors for commercial use.

The site, which is located on the left bank of the Dong Nai river, stretches more than 15 km from Quang Ngai to Duc Pho communes. It is an archeological complex holding great unexplained mystery.

Since it was discovered by chance in 1985, the sanctuary had been excavated eight times until 2006. Archeologists found a ruined structure, including towers, temples, tombs, and thousands of artifacts made of gold, silver, bronze, steel, and pottery of the Brahmin sect.

With the finds, the holly land is believed to be reserved for religious rites in the 4th to 9thcenturies. Its owners are said to be under the influence of the Indian culture and closely linked to the contemporary Oc Eo and Champa civilizations.

The sanctuary is suitable for spiritual cultural and ecological tourism.