At peace at Tay Phuong pagoda

TayAt peace at Tay Phuong pagoda Phuong pagoda, also called Sung Phuc pagoda, sits on top of Tay Phuong Mountain proudly holding many valuable statues of Buddha, surrounded by green areas

The pagoda has been renovated many times since it was built in 1632. It has three buildings on the mountainside, namely Chua Ha (Lower Pagoda), Chua Trung (Middle Pagoda) and Chua Thuong (Upper Pagoda). The pagoda is an iconic architectural site of an ancient civilization of people in Doai region.

The windows of the pagoda are round with symbols of Buddhism, the pillars are made of wood and altars and statues are placed on stones carved into lotus flowers. The curved roofs have two layers.

In addition to 18 statues of Arhat, the pagoda has 62 wooden statues of Buddha in diverse sizes. They are red-lacquered and each shows off a different character in varied nuances.

The pagoda, located in Yen Hamlet, Thach Xa Commune, Thach That District, Hanoi, boasts the perfect tranquility of a sanctuary for pilgrimages and visitors to comfort their worried souls and minds.

(Source: SGT)