A day at Dong Van ancient town

Those who visit the mountainous northeastern province of Ha Giang should pass by Do A day at Dong Van ancient townng Van ancient town as home to over 150-year-old houses.

People to the ancient town which is located at the foot of a majestic limestone mount can find many residents from ethnic minority people of Mong and Tay and Chinese people.

There is typical architecture of the town with two-storey houses and red lanterns hanging in the air.

Tourists may find it interesting to admire the town in early morning when first rays of sunlight pierce through the veil of mist. It looks like a peaceful and fascinating watercolor painting.

Travelers can take a flight or a train to Hanoi and buy a tour to the northeastern area. Apart from the ancient town, Ha Giang is well-known for the Dong Van Stone Plateau which was acknowledged as the global plateau geo-park by Unesco in 2010. It’s a pity as an old stone market created by the French in 1920 in the town was closed several years ago and is not open to the public.
(Source: SGT)