Red River civilization revived in Hai Phong

A grand ceremoRed River civilization revived in Hai Phongny to officially open the Hai Phong-Red River Delta Tourism, Sports and Cultural Week 2013 and the second Hai Phong-Flamboyant Festival was held on May 11th in the square of Hai Phong city Opera House. Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, former leaders of the Party and State, representatives of Central and local agencies, many visitors and local people attended the event.

Good opportunity for regional tourism

Addressing the opening ceremony, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung stressed that the Red River Delta is home to national historical and cultural relics, landmarks, folk festivals, plentiful and various sea- and eco- tourist products. Over the past few years, tourism of the Red River Delta and the economic growth triangle of Hanoi, Hai Phong and Quang Ninh have gained positive results. However, with its advantages and large potentials for tourism development, the tourism sector of the Red River Delta should try more in order to grow faster, the Prime Minister suggested.

The National Tourism Year 2013 held in the Red River Delta and Hai Phong is a good chance for the whole region to draw up directions, bring into full play its strengths and make a breakthrough for the development of regional tourism, turning tourism into the region’s spearheaded economic sector, contributing more to national socio-economic development.

The Prime Minister asked Central agencies, Hai Phong and other localities of the Red River Delta to actively bring into play internal strengths and advantages, such as long-term traditions and history, culture and natural landmarks, as well as make full use of cooperation and support from domestic and international friends. He suggested that the economic development triangle and the Red River Delta as a whole should become a country’s hub of tourism and culture. According to him, Hai Phong and the Red River Delta should well organize the National Tourism Year 2013, provide favorable conditions for investment in tourism and tourism development, preserve the nature, eco-system and cultural identity, protect environment, build a cultural civilized life style in the region and develop sustainable and environmentally-friendly tourism.

Sustainable tourism development

As soon as Hai Phong was selected to host the Red River Delta National Tourism Year 2013, it started to beautify its image and upgrade the infrastructure, as well as invest in several major projects as its cultural and tourism highlights.

With its long-term traditions and culture as well as beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions, Hai Phong is planning to become a tourist hub in northern Vietnam. Hai Phong is famous for a number of old pagodas, temples, historical relics and folk festivals, as well as a large seaport and beautiful beaches. Yet, the city has not exploited its advantages effectively over the past many years.

According to the city’s leadership, the city’s hosting the National Tourism Year 2013 was a good opportunity for it to boost its potentials for tourism development. Under its plan, it would invest in its strong tourist products and direct towards sustainable development of tourism.

Particularly, the city will focus investment on Cat Ba Island, recognized by UNESCO as a world biospheric reserve, by renewing tourist products to attract more domestic and international visitors. Hai Phong has set a target of receiving some 1.5 million of tourists, including one fourth international visitors.

The opening ceremony of the Hai Phong-Red River Delta Tourism, Sports and Cultural Week 2013 and the second Hai Phong-Flamboyant Festival was attended by some 2,500 visitors. All streets of Hai Phong were full of flags, flowers, slogans and panels. Especially, Hai Phong held a carnival with the main theme “Civilization of the Red River”. The opening night excited participants by an art programme, reviving the formation and development of the Red River civilization.


Translated by Thu Nguyen