Phu Day festival seeks national heritage recognition

The nortPhu Day festival seeks national heritage recognitionhern province of Nam Dinh is working on a dossier of the local Phu Day festival with a view to seeking recognition of its as part of the national intangible culture heritage.

Phu Day is a complex of traditional religious architecture in Kim Thai village, Vu Ban district. It includes two palaces and a temple that are closely linked with Goddess Lieu Hanh, who is worshipped in the Mother Godd ess religion and one of the Four Immortals in Vietnamese legends.

The complex, which was recognized as a n ational cultural-historical relic in 1975, is the centre of the Mother Goddess religion. The Phu Day festival is also the biggest among numerous festivals celebrating Goddess Lieu Hanh in the country.

In particular, the site is the cradle of “hau bong” (also “hau dong”), an age-old spiritual ritual of the Kinh ethnic group, and “chau van” singing, which is indispensable in the worshipping practice of the Mother Goddess religion.

Director of the Nam Dinh Museum Nguyen Van Thu said the dossier is expected to be completed and submitted to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism within August.
(Source: VNA)