Folk sculpture honoured at Central Highlands festival

As many as 100 statues made by ethnic artisans were honoured at the closing ceremony on March 18 of the Mang Den Culture, Sports, Tourism Week 2013 in the Mang Den ecotourism zone in the Central Highlands province of Kon Tum.

The statues were selected from works of more than 40 folk artisans from 6 minority ethnic groups in the locality. Local ethnic communities have the tradition of displaying statues carved from big tree trunks at their houses and tombs.

This is the first time Kon Tum province organised the Mang Den Culture, Sports, Tourism Week to promote the eco-tourism zone.

The Prime Minister has approved a master plan to turn Mang Den into a national park, nature reserve and tourism zone. It will also include areas dedicated to farming and economic development projects.-VNA