Photo exhibition on Red River Delta Civilization

A national phoPhoto exhibition on Red River Delta Civilizationtographic exhibition based on two themes “Discovering the Red River Civilization” and “Homeland’s sea and island” will take place in Haiphong city from August 28 to September 6.
“Discovering the Red River Civilization” was a national photo contest launched from March to June 2013. As many as 286 photographers from 35 provinces and cities sent a total of 2,902 entries to the contest, and only 162 photos were selected for display.

These photos illustrate the Red River Delta’s culture and civilization, as well as its landscape and local people’s daily life, so as to promote tourism potential in the country and the delta in particular.

The exhibition’s organizing board will also display 153 photos selected from 716 works to a photo camp themed “Homeland’s sea and islands”. Selected works shed light on the daily activity of naval soldiers garrisoned on islands in Haiphong city and Quang Ninh province.

These photos help deepen visitors’ understanding of the national sovereignty over sea and islands and instill a source of pride and sense of responsibility towards the nation in every citizen.

The exhibition will be organized by the Department of Fine Arts, Photography and Exhibitions in collaboration with Haiphong’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists.

(Source: VOV)