Hanoi among cities with high quality hotel service

HotHanoi among cities with high quality hotel serviceel service quality in Hanoi has ranked second only behind the German city of Dresden in a recent survey conducted by the prestigious website Trivago.

In its survey examining 140 hotels in 100 cities around the world, London in the UK was labeled the worst, receiving many complaints about its expensive bars, slow services, and mediocre breakfasts.

The city’s hotel rooms were also described as too small and cut off from any views. Long queues at large hotels bothered many of the city’s tourists.

In total contrast to London, Dresden’s hotels were praised for delicious breakfasts at very reasonable prices, hospitable staff, spacious rooms, and spectacular views.

The survey’s top ranked cities included Tokyo in Japan, Chicago in the US, and Krakow in Poland. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Copenhagen in Denmark, Paris in France, and Amsterdam in the Netherlands were among the worst performing.