Trekking tour at 3 highest mountains in South of Vietnam

The journey will be hard, but trekking tour will bring lots of interesting things for tourists who love to experience, explore and have courage. Eviva Tour Vietnam would like to give you some useful notes for trekking tours at 3 highest mountains in the South of Vietnam.

1. Ba Den Mountain:

a. Location: Ba Den Mountain is the highest mountain (986m) in the South located in Nui Thanh Tan Commune, Hoa Thanh District, Tay Ninh Town, Tay Ninh province, 110km from Ho Chi Minh City. The name of this mountain is derived from the legend of Ly Thi Thien Huong – a beautiful woman.

Ba Den mountain population is formed by 3 mountains Heo Mountain – Phung Mountain – Ba Den Mounatin. Tourist destinations here are temple system Dien Ba ( Temple Lower, Middle, and Upper Temple and Hang Temple), and Thanh Long Cave, Ong Ho Cave, Ba Co Cave, Ba Tuan Cave, Thien Thai Cave, Ong Ta Cave…

b. To Conquer: There are three ways to conquer this mountain: by cable car, chutes and conquered 1,000 steps. But all three way only take you to the middle of the mountain, where is the final destination of tourists.

Particularly for those who want to conquer entire of mountain, they need to overcome the small path between the rocks, caves about 2 hours to the top. This road you can conquer alone or in a group. But the group will make trekking tour along the difficult road shorter and also much more laughter.

2. Chua Chan Mountain

a. Location: Chua Chan mountain or Gia Ray, Gia Lao mountain located in Xuan Loc District, Dong Nai Province which is the second highest mountain of the South.

b. To Conquer: This mountain attracts visitors with Bao Quang Temple and original banyan tree known for 2 foots. From the bottom of mountain to the temple or banyan tree, you can follow the stone steps was built by the temple.

But the journey to conquer the mountain is really difficult and you will need a lot of advice from the locals to conquer this mountain.

The second interesting point is the mountain has turn around roads. That is why many groups went very far but still not arrived, some people decide to go on, some continue to conquer, but only a moment later, the two groups meet at a point.

Way up to the mountain and to the temple is far apart so you need to ask carefully before starting.

3. Ba Ra Mountain:

a. Location: Nui Ba Ra located in Son Giang ward, Phuoc Long town, Binh Phuoc province. The mountain is called Bonom Brah by S’Tieng ethnic group, meaning “God” Mountain. This is the 3rd highest mountain of the South.

b. To Conquer: In terms of height, Ba Ra Mountain is lower than the other two mountains but the slope of the stairs is so high so it costs time and more effort to conquer.

A special feature of this mountain is when you go with local people; you will have exciting experience as swinging around tree, watching the orchids on the perennials.