Foreign tourists join a cooking class in Hoi An

According to several well-known international travel magazines and tour operators, Hoi An Ancient Town in the central province of Quang Nam is a leading ‘food paradise’ with diverse, ... Continue Reading →

Expat finds diving paradise

Tourists visiting the old city of Hoi An in central province of Quang Nam rarely miss a chance to explore the Cham Islands with their terrestrial and aquatic marine ecosystem. The ... Continue Reading →

Homeland of Hue folk paintings

Sinh village in Thua Thien Hue province has made folk paintings for the central region for more than 400 years. The paintings are made by farmers during crop intervals. Sinh village ... Continue Reading →

Lantern Masters

The Mid-Autumn Festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month when children are given beautiful star lanterns and shadow lanterns. Alongside these they are gifted clown masks ... Continue Reading →

Why do you freaking honk?

In Vietnam, it’s pretty much the first one, and it sounds so bad on the packed roads of Saigon. Let me put the question another way. Is honking free speech or a crime? I was traveling ... Continue Reading →

My trip to Da Nang, Vietnam

5am, March 15th 2015 I wake up in vague, stretch hand to my phone as usual. Suddenly I am overwhelmed by a strange feeling. Open eyes. Oh I remembered, last night we slept on the My ... Continue Reading →

Tourism lessons from central Vietnam

Stivi Cooke from Hoi An in central Vietnam offers some suggestions on improving Vietnamese tourism when the country suffered a drop in the number of international tourist arrivals for ... Continue Reading →

A city that welcomes all with open arms

When I arrived here two and half years ago, I didn’t know if I could ever love this place. It looked so strange, so indifferent. And it remained like that for a long time. The ... Continue Reading →

11 days of Vietnam by motorbike, Hanoi to Saigon

-I remember thinking as I crashed into a drunk man’s motorbike at 60 km an hour on the highway, “I’m going to die.”  But some how I was just fine, I flew over the handlebars, ... Continue Reading →

A night in a Vietnamese lowest-class train

This article is about my experience after a night in a Vietnamese lowest-class train. On a holiday from April 30thto May 5th 2014, a group 6 people of us decided to climb up to Fanxipan ... Continue Reading →