Festival highlights ethnic groups’ culture

Festival highlights ethnic groups’ cultureDistinctive cultural features and rituals of Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups are being introduced at a spring festival that opened in the Cultural Tourism Village of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups in Hanoi’s outskirt district of Son Tay on February 19.

The festival sees the participation of ethnic minorities residing in the northern mountainous provinces of Ha Giang, Son La, Lang Son, Tuyen Quang, Hoa Binh, Yen Bai and Bac Giang, the central province of Thanh Hoa and the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak.

Folk games, dances, singing and sporting activities have displayed part of ethnic people’s traditional festivals, custom and rituals.

In the spotlight were the fire dance of the Pa Then people, the Then singing of the Tay people and the wedding ceremony of the Dao people.

Earlier, in preparation for the festival, a Neu tree was set up on the 23rd day of the last lunar December as a symbol for good health, good luck and happiness. The tree is considered a bridge for the gods and forefathers’ spirits to travel between Heaven and Earth. Tet will end after the neu is taken down and people will be ready to go back to work.